Néstor Reverol: CAF approved resources to begin recovery work of the national electrical system

The Minister of People’s Power for Electric Energy, G/J Néstor Reverol, during his meeting with the Executive Commission of the Great Humanitarian Agreement for the solution of the electricity crisis in Zulia state, reported: “Today the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) will make the transfer required to begin the recovery work of the national electrical system.”

Reverol reported that while the recovery and repair works of the national electrical system and the sub-lacustrine cable are being carried out, Zulia state will be reduced by 100 megawatts in a plan applied to allow the execution of the work.

He noted that the best time to begin applying these actions is being studied, probably starting in January 2024.

Reverol explained that Zulia state consumes 17% of the national electricity demand, highlighting that during January this year the demand was 1900 megawatts per day, and 11 months later the demand is 2254 megawatts per day.