Receiving training in trades is the request of 34% of the Education vertex of the GMVM

During the 26th broadcast of the weekly “Con Maduro+” program, President Nicolás Maduro reported that a 34 percent of the women surveyed highlighted receiving training in trades:

In the Education aspect of the Great Mission Women’s Venezuela (GMVM), the women responded that they are interested, first of all, a thirty-two percent of the women, out of the four million, said they want to receive training in trades,” he revealed.

Likewise, he indicated that “thirteen percent want to complete university, undergraduate studies, nine percent want to complete high school studies (…) three percent want to complete postgraduate studies,” Maduro reiterated all his support for them to complete their studies.

He detailed that 7% want to receive training in arts, and 3% want to complete primary school, and this last low result in primary school is because “Mission Robinson II continues its course of training and graduating women and men in primary school throughout the length and breadth of the country,” he highlighted.

These are important data that we have to take into account for planning for the future,” stressed the Head of State after offering the evaluation of the Education summit in which the more than four million women showed interest in this topic.