Maduro: We align with the bases to renew the leadership of PSUV

During a meeting with the candidates for the Governors and Mayors of the country, President Nicolás Maduro stressed that the Bolivarian process undertakes an enormous challenge together with the bases to advance in the renewal of the leadership of PSUV.

The activity, held in the Ríos Reyna Hall of the Teresa Carreño theater, in Caracas, the national president affirmed that the internal process of nominations «has become a success», highlighting the work of the members of the electoral commission stating that «this year should be the year of changes, of the consolidation of the Bolivarian path”.

«2021 has to be the year where the Revolution becomes irreversible, it has to be the year of the changes necessary for the consolidation of the Bolivarian project, our path”, said the President.

We do not conceive politics without ethics:

During the meeting with the PSUV candidates, he insisted on that «we have to increase more and more the power of the Nation as a whole, increase more and more civic-military power to defend the right to sovereignty and development of the country».

«Today we are direct witnesses that the Venezuelan people are standing working, struggling, looking to the future with renewed hope,» he emphasized.

In this regard, he urged to respond to this hope of the people by building an exemplary process for August 8: “Let’s go to the reunion, to the deep reunification of the bases. We will build an exemplary process for August 8th. Let’s go to the reunion and the deep reunification of the bases”.

«We cannot conceive politics, without ethics (…) What happens on August 8 will impact what will happen on November 21, November 21 will mark what happens between now and 2030,» emphasized Maduro.


Regarding the results of the nomination process, in his role as president of the PSUV he announced that the electoral commission processes some complaints of alleged irregularities: “in the next few hours justice decisions will be made, whoever may fall. The UBCH have showed that nobody manipulates them (…) You are pre-candidates because you were nominated by the UBCH, because the people selected you”, he pointed out.

He reiterated the need to carry out a clear and transparent process “on August 8, the Revolution, ethics, the bases of this powerful political movement must win. Those who have distanced themselves from the people, who have become bureaucratized, have a short flight, the Revolution itself has the capacity to change it. We must fight against corruption at all levels”, said the Head of State.