Venezuela ratifies commitment to Rome Statute

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, ratifies its full commitment to the validity of the Rome Statute, an international legal instrument, aimed at addressing particularly harmful forms of crime.

On November 3, 2021, Venezuela signed an Understanding Memorandum with the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court to strengthen cooperation, despite the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office, to initiate an investigation into the events that began in April 2017.

Venezuela has a democratic and social State, of Law and Justice, established in the Constitution, and assumes Human Rights as meaning, purpose and reason, and incorporates specific provisions for the prevention and control of crimes and the reparation of victims.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela states that there was no Preliminary Examination; to this is added a brutal media campaign to stigmatize the country and its authorities, aspects that harm Venezuela’s right to defense.

The Venezuelan State is the first interested in establishing truth and justice with the help of meaningful dialogue, cooperation and assistance from the International Criminal Court, in accordance with the principle of good faith and the Rome Statute:

«Justice is the queen of republican virtues and with it equality and freedom are sustained.» -Simon Bolivar.

Read the full text of the communiqué (In Spanish) HERE