President Maduro: Venezuela begins a new phase of immunization against Covid-19

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that with the arrival of 1,300,000 new vaccines against Covid in the country, a new phase of immunization of the Venezuelan population will start this Monday.

This was indicated this Sunday when presenting the weekly balance of the fight against Covid-19, a day during which he explained that, thanks to the arrival of this batch of 1,300,000 new vaccines, vaccination will be strengthened throughout the country.

Maduro stressed that the months of June, July and August will be months of expanded offensive in terms of the vaccination process against Covid 19 for the population.

Regarding the Vaccination Plan for the Americas, he reiterated that these sessions will last for the rest of May.

In this regard, the Minister for Health, Carlos Alvarado, announced that to date 90% of health workers have already been immunized, while reminding that in recent weeks has been registered the vaccination of people older than 60 years and with eco-morbidity with two or more diseases.

He pointed out that in this new phase, the population of people under 60 with two or more illnesses will be cared for, as well as service and sector workers who work permanently, still in radical quarantine.

Alert at the border with Colombia

Within the framework of these actions, the Head of State warned that the Colombian government is trying to unilaterally open the border with Venezuela and send dangerous variants of Sars-Cov-2 present in Colombian territory to our country, which is why he ordered the creation of a plan to protect the Venezuelan border.

“I ordered the creation of a special plan at the border, because we have information that the variants of India, South Africa and California are running very hard in Colombia and these very dangerous variants have already been found in the north of Santander”, said the head of state.

In the opinion of President Maduro, this new aggression would be part of a plan to send these variants of Covid-19 from Colombia to Venezuela, with the aim of distracting regional and world public opinion about the massacre in that country.

They want to create issues about Venezuela from Bogotá, from the fascist media. They have tried to divert international attention from the enormous and tragic crisis that Colombia is experiencing, more than 50 murdered, more than 1,500 injured, say human rights organizations, which also announce more than 500 disappeared”.

The National President specified that any decision made on the opening of the border with Colombia must be consensual and favorable to the people:

For good it can be done, with control, respecting the controls and bio-sanitary measures, for bad nothing. If it is agreed, consensual and with biosafety measures, it can be done. With a show in order to get money, no”, concluded Maduro.