The people defeated one year ago a terrorist invasion attempt on the coast of La Guaira

This Monday, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro recalled that a year ago the people in a civic-military-police union defeated the attempted terrorist invasion in the early morning of May 3, 2020 on the coasts of La Guaira state, when several members of a group of mercenaries from Colombia were killed, others were captured carrying assault rifles.

On that day the Minister of People’s Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, M / G Néstor Reverol, reported that the invasion attempt was carried out through speedboats with which they intended to enter the country to commit terrorist acts, assassinations of leaders of the Revolutionary Government and generate chaos in the population in an attempted coup.

In a joint civic-military action, two mercenaries were captured, 10 rifles were seized, 2 Afag machine guns, which were stolen from the Federal Legislative Palace in April 2019. Likewise, 6 trucks and a boat with 2 outboard motors were seized, such as part of the logistics that would be used to carry out terrorist acts.

Nicolas Maduro


A year ago, the people, in a civic-military-police union, defeated the terrorist invasion attempt with gallantry and heroism. We managed to defeat the American empire once again. We are destined to overcome, like the Liberators in Carabobo”.