MP opens investigation against Juan Guaidó for the sequestration of State resources that would be used to buy vaccines against Covid-19

The Public Ministry opened a criminal investigation against Juan Guaidó for the sequestration of more than 7 billion dollars owned by the Venezuelan State in foreign banks; to which the Republic has not been able to access by decision of the United States and its allied governments, which could be destined, among other purposes; to the attention of the COVID-19 pandemic and the purchase of vaccines against this virus.

This was announced this Thursday by the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, who specified that “the main responsibility for this sequestration, which prevents the Venezuelan Government from using these resources to meet the health and food needs of our people, lies with those who have built the criminal fiction of the non-existent interim government”.

He repudiated the sequestration of assets that belong to the Venezuelan State and society. “Those were stolen under bastard excuses. It is an action condemned by the United Nations Human Rights Council ”and described that these events end up being crimes against humanity.

You must act accordingly. We hope that there will be a response from the International Criminal Court soon, ”he added.

He recalled that the Public Ministry has already opened 25 cases in which the former deputy Juan Guaidó is being investigated, among others involved, for the crimes of: usurpation of functions, corruption, money laundering, continued public instigation to disobedience of the laws, aggravated embezzlement, fraudulent use of public funds, conspiracy with a foreign government, terrorism, rebellion, trafficking in weapons of war, treason and association.

The Public Ministry has all this list of facts condensed in a single file. Rest assured that justice will fall on all internal and external actors that are part of this terrorist organization ”, emphasized the Attorney General.