12 states of the country will have Quadrants of Peace this year

The national government has scheduled the extension of 102 Rural Peace Quadrants for this 2021, for the defense, security and peace of agro-industrial areas, as well as the promotion of food production in the country, said this Monday the Vice Minister for Prevention, Citizen Security and Quadrants of Peace, Endes Palencia.

Palencia indicated the Rural Peace Quadrants will be distributed in 12 states of the country: Anzoátegui, Barinas, Cojedes, Guárico, Lara, Mérida, Monagas, Portuguesa, Trujillo, Táchira, Yaracuy and Zulia.

These entities are prioritized in terms of production and pay taxes to the national market within the statistical range of Mission AgroVenezuela. However, the projection for 2025 is that all states should have their Rural Peace Quadrants”, said the Deputy Minister of Prevention, Citizen Security and Peace Quadrants, Endes Palencia, according to a note from VTV.

Likewise, he specified that they have held meetings with the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (CEOFANB); the Ministry of People’s Power for Agriculture and Land, and the Ministry of Interior and Justice (MPPRIJP), determining the guidelines for the planning, execution, supervision and materialization of everything that constitutes the Rural Peace Quadrants.