Presential classes will start in April under 7 + 7 method

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that “in April will start in Venezuela the presential (face-to-face) classes, with extreme, absolute, detailed biosafety measures”, in the weeks of flexibility within the framework of the 7 + 7 method.

During the anniversary ceremony of the creation of the Community Governments of Miranda state, held in Miraflores Palace, he reported the decision, following the proposal presented by the Minister of Education, Aristóbulo Isturiz.

In this sense, the First Dignitary specified that a great effort will be made in March to vaccinate teachers, “a great effort to educate and motivate parents, representatives, so that children and young people can adopt permanent care measures ”.

Venezuela can do it with bio-safety. In April the third period begins at the high school level,” said the president, who also stressed that it will be done” in the seven days of flexibility and then seven days of radical quarantine will come. We are going to combine it, that is the new relative normality”.

Likewise, he assured that when a 70% vaccination is reached “what is called herd immunity will be achieved, but we will still have to take care of ourselves, because this disease will only cease when the vaccine is perfected and whoever has been vaccinated does not infect the rest. With the vaccine, the person has 100 percent immunity, but can be a carrier of the disease”.

Also, the head of state announced that “now in March large quantities of vaccines will arrive for the country, in April, we should take a higher level mass vaccination rate.”

“We are vaccinating all health personnel, with the new doses of vaccines, we are going to complete the vaccination of health personnel, police, security and military personnel, and we are going with the vaccination of people with some vulnerability,” as well as the elders”, he said.

Finally, he reiterated that a year ago the Presidential Commission for COVID-19 was installed in the country. It was the first meeting of this presidential commission and since then, the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, has presided.