Executive Cabinet rejects subversive activities promoted from Colombia that threaten the peace of Venezuela

The Executive Cabinet categorically rejected the subversive activities promoted from Colombia with the extremist sectors, allied with Leopoldo López, which constitute a coup agenda that threatens the peace of Venezuela, said the Sectoral Vice President for Communication, Culture and Tourism and Minister of People’s Power for Communication and Information, Freddy Ñáñez.

The information was known this Monday during the meeting of the Council of Ministers held at the Plaza Bicentenario (Bicentennial Square), in the vicinity of Miraflores Palace.

The Sectorial Vice President of Communication stated that before the visit to the country of the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights of the United Nations, Alena Douhan, highlighted: “Venezuela set a position against the strategy of imperialism to use human rights for ideological and inquisitive purposes. We are a country that respects human rights, but also asserts its sovereignty. We have laws and institutions and a mechanism to enforce them in the country”.

Likewise, he asserted that from this instance the 19 unilateral coercive measures recently published by the European Union were condemned: “Old Europe has published in an obtuse way and trying with this to intimidate the people of Venezuela we reject it, as well as its colonialist attitude.”

Ñáñez stated in terms of sovereignty and national security, the false positives that have been raised from the neighboring country that intend to link the Bolivarian nation in its internal war, which has been going on for decades, were analyzed.

“We categorically reject the false positives that have been mounted, in that sense, with the matrix of opinions that have constantly been reruns, and that are each time more dangerous, from the Colombian territory,” he finally specified.