Frustrated assassination attempt is an inflection of the right wing in the political struggle

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced that the attempted assassination against him represents a turning point for the right wing in the political struggle:

“I think that what happened on August 4, without a doubt, means a definitive inflection of the coup-plotting right-wing in relation to the political struggle in the country”, said President Maduro, presenting evidences of the link that Colombia has with the attempt of assassination against him, in an act he conducted in the Ayacucho Hall of Miraflores Palace.

“We, within the framework of democracy and political struggle are able to surprise in the battles of ideas, in the last 19 years there have been 24 elections, on December 9 will be made election number twenty-five”, he said.

The Head of State, who condemned that “the Venezuelan opposition in all these years has been between two waters: In the waters infested with the coup of the national and international permanent conspiracy, and in the waters of the political and electoral struggles; whenever they have come to the waters of the political struggle to collect signatures and to participate in elections, they have been welcomed, and where they have triumphed, as always, we were the first to go out to acknowledge their triumphs, no matter which size and magnitude these might be”.

The national chief executive stressed that in Venezuela the time has come to defend the political struggle by peaceful means, avoiding any form of violence.

“It’s time to defend and defend the political struggle through peaceful, electoral means, I believe in peace, I believe in life as a superior way of doing politics, I believe in the truth of the popular vote and I believe that Venezuela has to make an effort to get rid of the assassin trend that accompanies the Colombian oligarchy” , he sentenced.