Prices System commits entrepreneurs with production and distribution

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The Vice President for the Economic Area, Miguel Perez Abad, said on Tuesday that the new Prices system, implemented by the Bolivarian Government, is an effort to achieve economic stabilization in the country.
During the 17th session of the National Council of Productive Economy, Perez Abad said that this new system acknowledges production costs and generates stimuli in the entrepreneurs “for producers to be able to produce in Venezuela”.
The Vice President said that this will achieve a fair profitability, generating an increase in domestic production and will compromise the entrepreneurs to accompany the distribution of the same.
In that sense, entrepreneurs present at the meeting were confident on this new pricing system and assure that this upgrade of prices will allow companies to be profitable, which will encourage the productive sector.
“In the short term we should see signs of a greater supply of products on the market.”
Likewise, they made a call to have optimism and confidence in the country. “Anyone who is an entrepreneur must be willing to produce, Venezuela belongs to everyone, and it must matter to everyone that Venezuela goes ahead”, said one of the businessmen present.
Accompaniment by Unasur:
The Vice President for Economic Area, Miguel Perez Abad, said that a technical-financial team of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), may accompany Venezuela to help with the economic stabilization of the country.
In this regard he noted that the team will meet with the Economic Cabinet of Venezuela, will review the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, to make joint proposals, which will be elevated to the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, that allow to accelerate the recovery of the economy and give social coverage to the people.