President Maduro announced international scientific publication of Carvativir studies

This Sunday, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that in the next few days will be made the international scientific publication of all the studies on Carvativir.

In this sense, he denounced again that it has been selfishness that has made detractors of Venezuela not accept that our nation has its own methods to combat COVID-19. “It is selfishness, what occurs to them is to fight science’s reason with ideological and political criteria, but they will not be able to (achieve it)“.

Likewise, the Venezuelan President indicated that even these advances by Venezuela are linked to the work of scientists in the world, from countries such as India, Russia, China, Cuba, Turkey, South Africa, all with visions, experiences and treatments in accord to the situation.

Likewise, he stressed that “We are going to defend the right of Venezuela to create its medicines and the rights of the country and professional scientists.”

At the same time that the head of state stated that in order to verify the effectiveness of the antiviral against the virus, it was met with all the tests made in Venezuela and abroad. “All the scientific steps have been completed to use Carvativir in Venezuela.”

President Maduro called on scientists and health professionals to keep morale high in this endeavor to combat the disease. “I congratulate you, scientists from Venezuela, have faith and security in yourselves and may you count with the full support of the Government.”

Carvativir was presented by the Dignitary to the Venezuelan population, which is a new drug capable of neutralizing the coronavirus. “It is a totally innocuous medicine, it does not have any type of secondary or negative effect and, in addition, it has demonstrated tremendous effectiveness. A creation of a brilliant mind of Venezuela, you will already know it in the future, for now, we are protecting it ”.

It should be noted that the Venezuelan Carvativir, also known as the miraculous droplets of José Gregorio Hernández, began to be produced by the thousands in laboratories in Venezuela and distributed to all public and private health centers in the country, the Ministry of People’s Power for Health issued the official resolution incorporating it into the treatment protocols.