Know the proposals approved by President Maduro to strengthen the public health system

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, approved the proposals presented by the Health General Staff, aimed at improving and strengthening the nation’s public health system.

During the meeting led by the Head of State, the Integral Community Health Areas (ASIC) presented 10 proposals focused on the strengthening and allocation of resources to health centers, protection of students, health workers and funding for medical research.

The proposals were:

– Creation of a fund for integral health care. Its sustenance would come from taxes on harmful health products and HCM (Hospitalization, Consultation and Maternity) insurance services.

– Bio-psycho-social registration of health sector workers in order to deepen Social Protection policies through the Carnet de la Patria (Homeland Card).

– Regularization of the dispatch of medical and non-medical supplies of the popular clinics taking as a reference for the monthly supply the statistics of primary care generated from the ASICs.

– Establishing of alliances with the Ministry of People’s Power of Science and Technology, together with CANTV for the development of the automation project of the inter-consultation system generated in the popular doctor’s offices from the areas of integral community health.

– Creation of the «Dr. José Gregorio Hernández» school of cadres for the training of health workers under the humanist doctrine of the Bolivarian Revolution.

– Creation of the presidential commission in the consolidation of the single health system to verify the structures of the Integral Community Health Areas on a monthly basis.

– Creation of the surveillance department to effectively respond to complaints and avoid the «roulette» of patients from primary care to the referral and counter-referral service. Everything will be articulated under the VEN-911 surveillance system with the objective of satisfying the patient’s needs.

– Promoting the Environmental Sanitation Plan with the popular prevention brigades and the Public Works Community Brigades (Bricop) for the prevention of diseases transmitted by vectors.

– Plan for the incorporation of assistance, workers and administrative personnel to complete the structures of the ASICs framed in the migration of health workers.

– Convene the health congress with the structure of the ASICs, the popular prevention brigades and the health committee to contribute to the bicentennial agenda for the consolidation of the single system and to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the Barrio Adentro Health Mission.