President Maduro: At least 20 projects have advanced with the Anti-Blockade Law

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, held a “Productive Wednesday” meeting, where he assured that, within the framework of the application of the Anti-Blockade Law, his team already has “a twenty-some of projects worked”.

«We are taking measures so that our people are protected, that’s what the Anti-Blockade Law was for”, he said.

In his words, he said the objective is «to substantially improve the income of male and female workers», as well as «to be able to balance the so-called macroeconomic variables”.

It is necessary to «defeat and contain the parallel dollar and induced inflation (…); achieve an economy of macroeconomic balance; achieve a sustained economic recovery», he detailed.

He also emphasized the importance of «advancing in the revival and reconstruction of the productive apparatus of Venezuela,» as well as recovering, for example, the oil industry.