Maduro: We are prepared for internal processes of commotion and destabilization

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said the military forces are ready to prevent possible attempts of commotion and destabilization in the country, generated by the current economic and social situation.
“In Venezuela there is an economic war that tries to take advantage of the downfall of oil prices and the circumstance of attacks on our currency, to damage the economic and social life of the people: Its aim is to destabilize our country socially,” he said.
During acts of the military exercise “Independence 2016”, Maduro stressed that before any public disturbances the Bolivarian National Armed Forces will ensure internal order.
“We are prepared, for that there are the Regions of Integral Defense (REDI) and the Integral Defense Zones (Zod). If they get by one side with a process of destabilization, they will act and guarantee the country’s security”, he said.
He said that these episodes have not materialized so far, given the safeguarding of social security guaranteed by the Executive. He said they are seeking “the softening of the firmness and consciousness of the great majorities”.
He noted that in order to stabilize the nation it is necessary to neutralize the economic war and paramilitarism.