Bolivarian Government builds communal economic circuits throughout the country

The Bolivarian Government led by the president, Nicolás Maduro Moros, builds communal economic circuits throughout the country.

During a videoconference with community spokesmen, the Head of State showed the advances had by that organized communes in their various productive areas.

In that sense, he detailed that:

– In 5 states of the country, with an investment of 7,708 million Bolívares, the sowing of white and yellow corn has been started in 5,563 hectares of 41 communes, impacting almost 100,000 people.
– In the 23 states of the country and the Capital District, 3,575 communal farms have been arranged for the production of vegetables, legumes, seeds, among other items.
– Up to date, there are 2,143 producers from community organizations, which impact their communes whose sowing area is 8 thousand 938 hectares.
– The Communal Textile Plan has made more than 2 million school uniforms, which are made by 1,200 community organizations and reaches more than 500,000 boys and girls.
– Regarding the production of hygiene items, more than 620,000 Venezuelans have been benefited.
– In 4 states have been launched 4 “EcoPatria” companies and have been installed 9 seed banks.
– 206 community markets have been activated, reaching more than 1,200,000 people in 16 states.
– 59 communal banks in 16 states have been financed with capital in seeds.
– 6 animal protein distribution centers were activated, led by community organizations in 3 states.

President Maduro encouraged communal producers to keep thinking big, in order to continue strengthening production in the nation:

“The communal economy has to expand, we have to think big, plan big, act big and have big achievements”, he said.