State has invested 73 billion dollars in GMVV

The real estate market that was previously handled by the private sector is being managed, for several years, by the Venezuelan Government which has invested in the Great Mission Housing Venezuela (GMVV) around 73,000 million dollars (461,000 million bolivars) in the construction of 1,022,829 housing units across the country.
This was announced by the Minister for Housing and Habitat, Manuel Quevedo, during his participation in the “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program broadcast by Televen, in which he clarified that this is a very large market that is no longer controlled by this (private) sector which, along with opposition deputies at the National Assembly (AN), intend to apply the so-called “Act of Delivery of Titles to the Beneficiaries of the Great Mission Housing Venezuela”.
These regulations, said the minister, seek for the privatization of housings, established as a right in the Constitution, which has been accomplished since the creation, in 2011, of this social program by an initiative of President Hugo Chavez.
“The Great Mission Housing Venezuela is a giant market with a continuous investment of 5 years, with a logistics system in operation, with an impeccable and exemplary organization for any structure anywhere in the world,” said the Minister.
He said the program is a success in the country and is an international benchmark regarding the care received by the families who do not have the resources to acquire, on their own, a housing.
“That is a law that virtually comes to make banking, to privatize the housing of Venezuelans, of the families who are there right now. They have some tricks, some traps within the law, they did not discussed the law with anyone, “said Quevedo.
He also explained that these political and economic sectors linked to the right wing, have worked on this instrument with the participation of foreign advisors who placed a value of between 20,000 and 40,000 dollars to each household, and so they established that with a million housings at that price they would have more than the Venezuelan international reserves.