President Maduro: People of Iran shows its brotherhood to Venezuela amidst the imperial siege

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, thanked Iran for its humanitarian assistance by sending its tankers loaded with gasoline in order to attend the fuel situation in the country, as part of the cooperation agreements between the two nations that cover various sectors, including energy:

“The end of Ramadan brings us the arrival of the Fortune ship, a sign of the solidarity of the Islamic people of Iran with Venezuela. In times where the supremacist empire seeks to impose its rule by force, only the brotherhood of free peoples will save us. #ThanksIran”, expressed the Head of State on Twitter.

This Saturday, at night, arrived the first boat named “Fortune”. In total there are five vessels that are expected to reach the nation. The other four are Petunia, Forrest, Faxon and Clavel, as an act of self-determination and sovereignty.

The Fortune vessel was guarded by the Bolivarian Navy and Military Aviation in the face of threats from the United States government to prevent its arrival.