Arreaza: US plan to reduce gasoline shipments to Venezuela seeks to destabilize the country

The Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, published a message on Friday on the Twitter social network to assert that the plan of the Government of the United States (USA) to reduce gasoline shipments to Venezuela aims to promote the destabilization of the country before the Covid-19.

The Donald Trump administration, in its efforts to overthrow the government of President Nicolás Maduro, is carrying out an unusual new escalade of coercive unilateral measures amidst the pandemic that is experiencing the humanity.

The sanctions that the North American country maintains against Venezuela have also been denounced by US Democratic senators, who allege that these have wreaked havoc on the acquisition of medicines and food for the Venezuelan people.

Recently, the US government announced that they “will apply more pressure” to the country as they seek to provide humanitarian assistance.

Since Trump came into power, coercive measures against Venezuela have intensified, imposing an economic, financial and commercial blockade which has generated losses of more than 130 billion dollars, as well as the stealing of assets belonging to the nation.

The most recent measure is the one applied to the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), which had the support of right-wing deputies from the National Assembly (AN), an instance that is in contempt.

On February 13, the National Executive filed a denounce with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the serious crimes committed against the Venezuelan population by the US government due to the imposition of an economic blockade.

In the document introduced before the ICC, Venezuela relates a group of events that have impacted the Venezuelan population, as a result of illegal US measures.

In this sense, the UN secretary, Antonio Guterres recently issued a report in which “is demanded the lifting and suspension of unilateral sanctions so that the affected countries can guarantee the right to life and health” in the face of the serious crisis that it is lived by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is important to acknowledge exceptional circumstances and renounce sanctions that may undermine the country’s ability to respond to the pandemic,” said the UN Secretary-General in his report.

Jorge Arreaza M
“Contradictions: Whenever we denounce the blockade, the US denies it. However, sources from the Department of State itself confess that they are “looking for a reduction in gasoline shipments to Venezuela as part of Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign against Maduro”: idLTAKBN21Q27O…