Venezuela takes the first steps to regularize recycling sector

Every year in the world 500 billion plastic bags are used, one of the fundamental causes why 8 million tons of plastics end up in the oceans. These data were released by the UN on the occasion of the celebration of World Environment Day.

Venezuela, since 2017, launched the recycling management system, an initiative that seeks to add wills to the issue of recycling of all types of material. As of February, online registration was activated and 564 individuals and legal entities related to this activity have been registered, as informed on Wednesday the Minister of Eco-Socialism and Water, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán.

This seeks to know who are engaged in the activity of collection and transformation, and how many collection centers operate in the country: «To organize and activate the economic sector of recycling», aware that the «plastic we throw has an important use industrial and we have to find a way to establish a productive recycling mechanism «.

Velásquez, during an interview on the «Vía Alterna» (Alternate Way) program, broadcast by the RNV Informative channel, said that they are working on updating the national legislation on recycling, so that anyone who wishes to participate has the necessary legal support to exercise this economic activity protected by legislation.

He also referred to the forthcoming publication of the technical standards for the proper handling of the tires out of use, pieces that are mostly discarded and deposited in the river beds and streams.

He insisted on the need to promote recycling, conceived this practice as a source of energy savings for any country: «The planet needs to reflect, because after we have a contaminated planet, without the capacity to generate life, the food chains will be broken».