President Maduro urges to work without egos and in unity to swear in the women’s movement

We have to work as a team, without egos, in a unitary way, in a loving way, because you owe yourselves to them, the Venezuelan women and to a homeland, to a motherland, and we cannot waste this moment in history, because in Venezuelan history we have lost much time, they made us lose a lot of time and life has a time and a space,” expressed the president of the Bolivarian Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, when swearing in the more than 200,000 territorial base committees of the Movement of Movements. “Josefa Joaquina Sánchez”, from the Great Mission Venezuela Women.

And that time and space must be made the most of, without gossips, intrigue, nor divisionism. Union, union, union!, teamwork, for our beloved motherland, collective work, the territorial base committees, the sectoral committees, which are born in the heat of this great movement of movements, must be born as a team and I trust in you,” he expressed in the Concha Acústica (Acoustic Shell) of the Simón Bolívar park, in Caracas, from where he connected with all the women registered in each of the states of the country.

With their hand on their hearts, and following the words of the national leader to take the sacred oath of loyalty and work for the Bolivarian Revolution in the attention of Venezuelan women, the members of the grassroots committees swore by the sacred fire of the homeland, the motherland, for the love of girls and boys, the right to the future and happiness, for the liberators of national independence, for the native peoples who resisted Spanish imperialism, and for current and future families:

That I will not give rest to my arm nor rest to my soul, until we have consolidated the launching of the new and great women’s movement, Josefa Joaquina Sánchez; to organize grassroots committees, feminist movements, to carry out the Great Mission Venezuela Women and consolidate the empowerment and happiness of Venezuelan women; to strengthen the union of the Venezuelan family, carry forward the definitive conquest of independence and national sovereignty and the construction of Bolivarian, Christian, Chavista and today, more than ever, feminist socialism”.