Venezuela has a solid set of scientific researchers to face the Covid-19 pandemic

Venezuelan professionals in scientific matters are successfully confronting the Covid-19 pandemic that plagues the planet thanks to the actions implemented by the Presidential Scientific Council that accompanies the Commission Against Coronavirus in Venezuela.

The statement was made this Wednesday by Dr. Palmira Guevara, during her participation in the “Vía Alterna” (Alternate Way) program, led by the journalist and president of the Radio Nacional de Venezuela network, Isbemar Jiménez.

Guevara, who is a specialist in Cell Biology and a member of the Presidential Scientific Council, explained that the effective management of the prevention and care methods contained in the health protocols recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), regarding Venezuela is due to the unconditional support and timely financing of the Venezuelan State.

Thanks to the scientific and technological development of the country, it has been possible to form a solid set of researchers who currently study and learn from what is happening in other nations to face the disease, which has resulted in a high percentage of recovered patients and in the containment of the contagion curve, as explained the also expert in genetics and molecular biology in parasites.

In her speech, the Venezuelan scientist said that assimilating the concept of an invisible enemy, the microbe, is one of the most difficult things for humanity, because this invisible enemy can easily infect us and limits our contact with other people.

“That is why it is vital that we all understand that we must avoid contact with the other, it is the barrier that we can put for now to the virus, take care of our health and keep the other healthy, it is your responsibility with yourself and with the other; the social vaccine (…) Let’s understand this is a time for retreat and reflection for what comes next, we must go much further”, said the specialist.