Venezuela denies having received request of flight to repatriate Uruguayans

Venezuela has not received any requests from the Uruguayan government for a flight to repatriate its nationals regarding the global emergency due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, as alerted on Thursday the Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza.

“We have not received any flight request from Uruguay; Mr. Ernesto Talvi (Uruguayan Foreign Minister), I prefer to believe that you are very misinformed», expressed the Chancellor through a message published on the Twitter social network.

The publication is given in response to recent statements by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, who assured that they are working «to try to bring with all guarantees» to their nationals residing or remaining in Venezuela.

In this sense, Arreaza stressed that several countries have sent flights to Venezuela in order to repatriate their nationals amidst the sanitary world crisis due to the coronavirus.

«These have been made without any difficulty and with all sanitary guarantees», says the message of the Venezuelan diplomat in response to the assertions of the Uruguayan Chancellor.

Likewise, the Uruguayan foreign minister said that «it has not been possible to bring them» because, according to what he said, «no country has been able to send humanitarian flights to Venezuela».

Up to date, Uruguay has registered 456 cases and 7 deaths from Covid-19, while Venezuela reports 167 infections, 65 cases recovered, and 9 deaths from the pandemic that already affects more than 180 nations.

Jorge Arreaza M
«Mr. @ernesto_talvi. I prefer to believe that you are very misinformed. Several countries have sent flights to Venezuela to repatriate their nationals. These have been made without any difficulty and with all the sanitary guarantees. From Uruguay we have not received ANY flight request…»