Public Planning System is adapted to UN Sustainable Development Goals

The adequacy of the entire Public and Popular Planning System that exists in Venezuela goes in function of the Homeland Plan in the different development spheres, which adapts the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations system, a informed the minister of Poeple’s Power for Planning, Ricardo Menéndez.
He explained that one of the fundamental issues is “that the SDGs from the first moment they were launched at the UN Assembly, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assumed such goals as a topic of development of the country, giving immediate priority to each one”.
Menéndez said that “last Tuesday the National President launched everything that has to do with the Afro-descendant National Plan and just like that there are the new Feminist Plans, the National Plan for Indigenous Peoples, for Communes and Workers, that is, everything that has to do with the Homeland Plan and its development for the Venezuelan people”.
The Minister of Planning explained that the SDGs of the United Nations System are reflected in the 1859 Specific Objectives of the Homeland Plan. He also said that «we are a vanguard from the point of view of the recognition of the UN system and the development of our country».
«The idea is to evaluate how we have conceived each of these Sustainable Development Goals and the concrete actions that will be developed based on the Cooperation Framework that Venezuela has with that multilateral instance», he said.
He also explained that «Venezuela is a Vanguard Plan in the construction of a socialist city, by adapting the economic specialties of social cities with the system of movements, equipment and urban use within the city».
He stressed that “it is key to have a country where 100% of children have schooling, where there is adequate nutrition in schools, that we have the Great Mission Housing Venezuela, there is a strengthening linked to the issue of public services, where reinforcement prevails of public services and take advantage of the demographic bonus ”.
The statistical and geographical system of our country was created to maintain a fresh balance in each of the points, communities and neighborhoods of our country.