Venezuela will produce more than 27,610,000 tons of food in 2020

The National Crop Plan 2020-2021 plans to harvest a total of 3,367,976 hectares throughout the country to provide food protection to the people, as reported by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

During an event in Los Próceres, Caracas, the head of state indicated that the aforementioned goal is part of the production goal of 27,610,713 metric tons of food in 2020.

He added that between the peasant sector and cooperatives, the National Government has set the planting of 1 million hectares of food, which is equivalent to 8,283,000 metric tons.

Regarding the Great National and International Consortium for Food Production (Agrosur), Maduro said that said institution estimates the harvest of 1,077,000 hectares to produce at least 8,835m999 metric tons of food and products.

Finally, President Maduro said that jointly with the private company is estimated the planting of 1,279,831 hectares, equivalent to 10,492,000 metric tons of items of human consumption.