TSJ declares absolute nullity of the modification of the internal regulations and debates of the AN in contempt

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela declared the absolute nullity of the partial reform of the Interior and Debate Regulations that a group of deputies in the National Assembly (AN) in contempt approved last Tuesday, December 17.
«There are elements necessary for a legislative act to enjoy the legality and legitimacy, which, due to public, notorious and communicational facts, were disrespected, knowing the inadequate call for said reform process, which must comply with all formalities. Reason why we declare the absolute nullity of the modification of the aforementioned instrument that the National Assembly in contempt has performed or intends to perform”, said the president of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, Judge Juan José Mendoza.
During the reading of the pronouncement of the highest court of the country, Mendoza added that the National Constitution requires the exclusive dedication, as well as the physical presence of the parliamentarians, for the effective fulfillment of their functions.
«The National Assembly, as a public power, as well as all the collegiate bodies, obliges the physical presence of all its members, incumbents or alternates, to deliberate to agree and make decisions. Therefore, all the departments of the world must have a headquarters”, explained Mendoza.
Likewise, he reiterated the “assault on the rule of law and all public powers” by the National Assembly, stressing that, being in contempt, their acts are “absolutely void”.
“This pyrrhic act would lead to the dissolution of the rule of law of Venezuela and it is necessary to make it known to the people and the international community”, stressed Mendoza.
The decision of the TSJ responds to a petition for annulment filed by opposition deputies Leandro José Domínguez, Jesús Gabriel Peña and José Gregorio Noriega, on Wednesday 18 before the judicial body.