Venezuela urged to reinforce denunciation of Bolivia's coup

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, highlighted on Wednesday the need to reinforce in all international instances the coup d’etat perpetrated against the legitimate Bolivian president, Evo Morales.
During his speech at the “Coup d’etat and Operation against Bolivia” Forum, held at the headquarters of the Chancellory, the head of Venezuelan diplomacy stressed that after the rupture of the constitutional order, that South American nation went from the most stable government in its history to the most disastrous one:
“We cannot remain in regret, what can we do from Venezuela? Denounce the massacre in Bolivia before the international community,” said the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Arreaza said that the creation of a plurinational state was really revolutionary in the case of Bolivia, which affected the hegemonic interests of the United States in the area, he added by denouncing the role of Washington behind the overthrowing of Evo Morales.
The minister also criticized the position of the Bolivian right wing executing the coup d’etat – together with sectors of the police and the Armed Forces – whose interest revolved around “recovering their privileges and putting themselves in the order of the US Empire”.
Arreaza also rejected the resurgence of the interference mechanisms of hemispheric control implemented by the United States in the face of the advance of the progressive processes in the Latin American region.
At the same time, the analyst of the research website “Mision Verdad”, Gustavo Borges, explained that the coup d’etat against Evo Morales is part of a globalized network of State deconstruction; “Bolivia was selected to be attacked with all conventional and unconventional methods”, he said.
He denounced the maneuvers of the right wing to break the collective memory and the racist background of the coup, recalling the burning of the Whipala flag, an emblem of the original peoples of that country.