Pérez Urdaneta: Quadrants of peace guarantee interaction with the community

The Vice Minister of Prevention and Citizen Security, G/B Manuel Pérez Urdaneta, said on Wednesday that the relaunching of the Safe Homeland Plan seeks a closer encounter with the communities, provide greater security to the inhabitants and prevent a higher rate of crime.

During an interview in Venezolana de Televisión, the official made an analysis of each of the factors that affect the security programs implemented by the National Executive.

He added that within the objectives set by the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Peace, there is the installation of houses of justice and peace in the popular sectors, where a municipal prosecutor, the justice of the peace and the public defender can intervene in the conflicts that may arise.

“The minor crimes can be solved in the houses of peace, we seek to municipalize justice and that in the same community is given a solution to the problems,” he said.

Likewise, Pérez Urdaneta stressed that all technological mechanisms are being included for police integration and for an effective and prompt response.

Regarding the Caracas Metro (Subway) System he stated that they will update the camera system and it will be interconnected with the VEN-911 system in order to guarantee a prompt and effective response.

He added that when communities have legal tools to resolve internal conflicts, “they begin to reach adequate levels of coexistence and peace.”