Economic aggressions are as lethal as imperial armies

“We denounce the imposition of economic, financial and commercial policies, with acts of aggression, with an effect as devastating as military effects. Today the economic aggressions of some powers are as lethal as their armies”, said on Friday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.
During his speech at the 18th summit of the Non-Aligned Countries Movement (NAM) he argued that this new model of war, which mainly attacks the economy of the countries, “generates terrible effects against the population”.
From Azerbaijan, the Head of State described as serious the economic war that imperial countries wage against sovereign nations, including Venezuela, since these contravene the provisions of the Charter of Human Rights of the United Nations Organization, and thus he encouraged the 120 Member States to defend multilateralism that allow instances such as the NAM to face the “complex crisis” that are going through different member countries, “destined to destabilize them politically, economically and financially”.
“Dear brothers, we live in a world that faces multiple threats and challenges to the peace of world security that must be addressed jointly as responsible members of the international community, through multilateralism and within the framework of the international law of the letter of the United Nations. We cannot be indifferent to armed conflicts, the lack of solutions to long-standing conflicts and the maintenance of colonial and foreign occupation situations in the world”, he insisted.
In that line, he said that Venezuela promotes respect for the sovereignty of the peoples, and stressed that, despite the aggressions, it is in active resistance: “We are overcoming the multiform economic war and the future holds for growth, recovery and prosperity”, he said.