Venezuela repudiates acts of xenophobia, aggression and persecution against its citizens in Peru

The Chancellory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, issued a communiqué to repudiate the big acts of xenophobia which have had to suffer those Venezuelans who have migrated to Peru, who have been victims of hate campaigns against the adjective of the Homeland of Bolívar.
Full Communiqué:
«The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its strongest repudiation of acts of xenophobia, aggression and persecution against Venezuelan citizens who have migrated to the Republic of Peru. These are shameful and inhuman acts, allowed or committed by authorities of the Government of Peru and instigated by hate campaigns against the Venezuelan demonym.
Venezuela denounces the Government of Peru for violating and breaching its international responsibilities, by promoting and allowing acts of segregation and xenophobia against citizens who have exercised their legitimate right to human mobility, and who must be protected by the institutions and laws of the host country. These unworthy actions, of hatred and instrumentation of migration, are part of the aggression plan against Venezuela, instigated by several racist governments in the region, in line with the Venezuelan coup-plotting opposition.
An irrefutable sample of the campaign orchestrated against Venezuela, is expressed in the recurring conduct of the Government of Peru by systematically impeding the repatriation operations carried out through the «Vuelta a la Patria» (Return to he Homeland) Plan. To the new refusal of the Peruvian airport authorities and companies to guarantee the fuel to the Conviasa airline, yesterday the Venezuelan authorities were in need of suspending another flight that would bring back one hundred nationals.
The international community must know that in Venezuela there is a community of more than 300,000 citizens from Peru, who have never been nor will be victims of discrimination or any similar treatment by the Venezuelan people and authorities.
The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela demands respect for the legitimate rights of its migrant nationals in countries whose governments have incurred into hostile actions against Venezuela, and will exercise legal and institutional actions to denounce and protect their citizens before the corresponding agencies and corresponding agencies of the United Nations Organization».
Caracas, September 29, 2019