Workers of the world will mobilize in rejection of blockade against Venezuela

Upon completion of the World Congress of Working men and women in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, trade union organizations from El Salvador, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil evaluated the possibility of carrying out demonstrations in these countries in rejection of the total blockade imposed by the government of United States against Venezuela.
This was announced by Orlando Pérez, constituent and leader of the National Syndicate Unitary Magisterial Force (Sinafum), during an interview in the “Al Aire” (On Air) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Television.
He stressed that an agreement was also reached to convene an international meeting of workers in the education sector to ratify support for the Venezuelan revolutionary process and the rejection of the economic blockade against the Homeland of Bolivar.
On the other hand, the union leader said that given the speculative wave that alters the prices of food items, Sinafum is promoting meetings with savings banksº in the education sector to boost open-air markets aimed at its workers.