Maduro: No action by the right wing will get to end the Revolution

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, stressed on Wednesday that none of the actions triggered by the right wing have a political viability, nor they will achieve their goal of ending the Revolution or revoke political power that the people has in Miraflores Palace.
“Go forgetting that, and get to work, put vagrancy and sabotage aside” said the President during his speech at the march held this Wednesday to celebrate the unconstitutionality of the Scam Act that sought to end the Great Mission Housing Venezuela.
He also informed that in the coming days he will renew the Decree of Economic Emergency to continue confronting the current situation with the Constitution and the power invested in him under the state of emergency to keep acting.
Finally, the President, accompanied by a sea of people, said that under the framework of the Homeland Congress, on its chapter Great Housing Mission, which will be launched in June, will be activated “A powerful popular movement of a new kind, of urban farmers, environmentalists, youth and workers. “