Venezuela successfully concludes participation in UN Habitat

From Nairobi, capital of Kenya, the Minister of People’s Power for Habitat and Housing, and maximum representative of the Great Mission Housing Venezuela (GMVV), Ildemaro Villarroel, announced that Venezuela successfully concluded its participation in the first UN-Habitat Assembly.
“We arrived at the end of a great international journey at the UN-Habitat Assembly. We made visible the achievements of the Great Mission Housing Venezuela”, he said through his account on the Twitter social network, @IMVillarroel.
The Minister stressed that Venezuela is acknowledged and certified as a world leader in the right to housing: “The Revolution has crossed borders, following the guidelines issued by our President Nicolás Maduro Moros, to show the truth of Venezuela to the world”.
During its participation in the First Assembly of the UN-Habitat 2030 Program, Venezuela has strengthened new bilateral alliances with countries such as Algeria, Mozambique, Turkey and Serbia, in order to continue expanding every achievement of the Great Mission Housing Venezuela.
This first activity of UN-Habitat was carried out in order to establish a transformative vision towards the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the 193 countries participating in it, as well as serving as a reference guide for the work of each country during the next 15 years.