The Minister for the Social Process of Labour, Oswaldo Vera, said that the policy of the Revolutionary Government is to permanently revise the minimum wage, to protect the purchasing power of workers; but now, considering “the critical situation created by the economic warfare and the induced inflation with high levels of speculation, the minimum wage will be reviewed in a periodical manner”.
Vera said that a sample of this policy of protecting the purchasing power for the working class, are the 34 wage increases the Government has enacted in recent years.
He noted that, despite all the onslaughts that has resisted the government “with oil sabotage in 2002, a Coup d’ Etat and now with the economic warfare with a very high induced inflation, which we have evidenced that has a 70% of speculation, the workers have not been abandoned, and we continue with the policy of protection of salary and employment “.
In this regard, the Minister for the Social Process of Labor emphasized that against a scenario of attacks, President Nicolas Maduro ordered the job post immobility for three years, in order to protect employment rates, “For the workers to retain their jobs and thuis have the minimum income guarantee. ”
Minister Vera added that will also remain under review, the calculation basis for the alimentation bonus for the workers (Cesta ticket), which President Maduro has called “the socialist basket ticket”
He said that both the revision of the minimum wage, as the Cestaticket and other benefits for the working class, will remain under an ongoing review as part of a comprehensive Government policy of protection of wages, employment and purchasing power of the working class.
Oswaldo Vera added that the defense of minimum income has been boosted with the addition of the working class’s CLAP (Local Committees of Supply and Production) recently created, and the Worker’s Mercal, the Workers’ Housing, which are permanent programs for the protection of workers.