TSJ requested waiving of parliamentary immunity of Juan Guaidó

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) ratified on Monday precautionary measures to Juan Guaidó, such as prohibition of leaving the country without authorization of this high court, prohibition to alienate and encumber the property of his property, blocking and immobilization of bank accounts or any other financial instrument in the Venezuelan territory. He is also imposed a fine of 200 tax units for violating the measure that prohibited him from leaving the country that was imposed since January 29.
This was reported by the president of the highest court of the Republic, Magistrate Maikel Moreno, who asked the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), the acquiescence to the parliamentary immunity to Juan Guaidó, who is in contempt.
This provision will be sent to the Attorney General of the Republic to continue with the criminal proceedings against them.
Public Ministry investigates Guaidó:
The Public Ministry recently opened a new investigation against the opposition deputy for his alleged responsibility in the sabotage of the National Electric System (SEN):
“This investigation joins that of January 22, reported at the time, for which we requested a series of precautionary measures that this citizen publicly defied,” said the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab.
Another of the signs that is added to this investigation is the journalistic work of the US media The New York Times, which confirms the Venezuelan government’s denounce about the burning of trucks with alleged humanitarian aid on the Colombian-Venezuelan border by opposition agents.
Also, the revelation made by a columnist for Forbes magazine who pointed out that the remote interference of the United States to the Venezuelan electricity grid is quite realistic:
“This is not a causal event but is added to a series of events, a self-proclamation that many countries are not acknowledging any more after seeing a month pass this unconstitutional event”, said Saab.