Detainees involved in frustrated magnicide used NGO facade to hide terrorist acts

The Minister of Communication and Information, Jorge Rodriguez, denounced on Sunday that the citizens detained in the early hours of this Saturday used facades of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to cover up the terrorist acts perpetrated last August 4 on the Bolivar avenue against the president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

In statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, Rodríguez showed a video of Alfredo Romero – director of an NGO called Foro Penal Venezolano (Venezuelan Criminal Forum) and published on his Twitter account – in which he denounced “arrests”, including that of Ángela Expósito Carrillo , a.k.a. “La Perrera” and who is involved in magnicide in degree of frustration, indicating that she was the representative of an animal protection NGO:

“We were reported on several arrests in the early morning between Friday and Saturday, including a lady who is director of an animal protection NGO, FUNDANIMAL, and who kept under her care some pets of persecuted politicians”, said Romero in the audiovisual material.

However, Rodríguez said that Ms. Expósito confessed that she housed Henrybert Enmanuel Rivas Vivas, a.k.a. Morfeo, head of the assassination attempt against the Head of State on the Bolivar avenue (downtown Caracas), which left six security personnel injured.

In his confession, Rodríguez explained, a.k.a. “La Perrera” declared how she contacted Laided Salazar, a fugitive from justice and who is involved in Operation Jericho, known as the Blue Coup and which was unveiled in 2015, in which conspired some officers and non-commissioned officers of the Venezuelan Aviation forces:

“Four months ago I met Laided Salazar on social media, at that time I did not know who she was. She contacted me through a pseudonym, I called her Aida. About two weeks ago, Aida sent me a message on WhatsApp, and she told me that she needed me to help her find and take a person to a place where could stay a few days or a few weeks”, confessed Expósito Carrillo in an audiovisual material presented at the press conference.

Carrillo said she picked up a.k.a. Morfeo at the Quinta Los Venaditos, and he was at her house where she helped him to make some shopping and acquire a false identity document.

“Being the boy in the first week, I do not know totally who he is, but the next week he lets go and tells me about the problem he was in, because I did not knew about it at that moment. Later I got to see the problem in which I got. I helped him to do shopping, I brought him the goods, he asked me as a favor to get him an ID card, to take his picture for the ID card, on which I also collaborated, and finally, I would carry him there!, said a.k.a. La Perrera.

Rodriguez explained that among the criminal acts carried out by a.k.a. La Perrera is to provide him with a false identity card.

In addition to the capture of Expósito, was apprehended retired Colonel Ramón Velasco: “who helped Mrs. Laided Salazar to escape from the house arrest in which she was in”.

Salazar was imprisoned in the Fénix Penitentiary Community and sentenced to eight years in prison for having participated in an attempted coup d’etat through the plan called Operation Jericho, in 2014.

This coup plan was aimed at bombing the downtown of Caracas and some institutions, such as the headquarters of the Telesur TV station, the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), the White Palace, the Prosecutor’s Office and Miraflores Palace.

In January 2016, the ombudsman, Tarek William Saab, applied to the Accidental War Council of Caracas for a humanitarian measure for Salazar, who at the time presented difficulties in his health, such as disorders in his weight and depression.

In this regard, Rodriguez recalled that different NGOs “began to say that this lady, Laided Salazar, was sick, so President Maduro granted a precautionary measure of house arrest, (but then she) fled, helped by Mr. a.k.a. Corocoro.”