From 2:30 am on Sunday May 1 Venezuela has new time zone, a measure that consisted on advancing 30 minutes to the official time.
The change was announced by the Government in order to exploit sunlight at its full maximum, and thus contributing to the reduction in electricity consumption in the country, affected by the “El Niño” drought in the reservoirs of hydroelectric generation, such as the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant (Guri).
In addition to this change in time, Venezuela took other actions to contribute to the efficient use of electricity, such as the measure which encourages self-generation in major hotels and shopping malls and applying the half working day in public administration.
To this is also added the recent decree of non-labor Friday and the special plan of the entire Venezuelan State, with which, through management committees in each ministry and public institution, is expected to reduce up to 30% in energy consumption.