Frustrated assassination against President Maduro was planned since June

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, presented evidences on the frustrated attempt of assassination against his person on August 4, as part of the anniversary ceremony of the Bolivarian National Guard, held on the Bolívar Avenue, in Caracas .

The Head of State offered a chronology of the events where were implicated two drones highly loaded with explosives, which aimed to assassinate President Maduro and the political high command that was in the act.

This drone was part of a general operation; it was located in the Cipreses business center (…) then it flew over the TSJ headquarters, it was flown from there piloted by terrorists trained in Colombia in North Santander, from the town of Chinácota (…) this attack was against everyone and we have to do justice. Never again may be repeated any attempt of these characteristics”.

He reported that a second drone was lift off by a group of hired assassins consisting of 4 members who activated it in the corner of Curamichate: “It had to travel to the Bolívar avenue; the first drone explodes and the second drone hits the Don Eduardo building, disoriented, it falls and explodes with a component of C4 explosive and gunpowder, it was an enveloping operation of a group prepared in Colombia. We already have the links of the participation of Venezuelan political members”, he added.

The dignitary denounced that those involved had made observations on June 24 and July 5 of the respective military parades, discarding the possibility of acting in Carabobo for not being prepared. He reported that they also rejected attacking on July 5 due to technical problems in the access of their drones.

President Maduro thanked the joint action of the State security bodies for the capture of the first group of people involved, and the work they have done to find the others responsible for the incident. He thanked the support of a group of Caracas civilians who managed to capture a group of people related to these actions.

The investigation is very advanced, these people were captured by the People’s intelligence because a group of citizens from Caracas saw the strange attitude of some trucks from where some individuals got off and put some drones into operation. In record time they proceeded to capture the first group of terrorists (…) and there began the miracle to discover the assassins. I ask for the collaboration of the whole Venezuela so that we can capture the rest of those involved in this criminal attack”, he said.