Ministers and governors evaluate proposals to improve public services

This Thursday took place in Caracas the installation of the strategic boards of public services, productivity and housing. The Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, led the meeting with the participation of the members of the ministerial cabinet, who together with the regional authorities will define joint policies of action.

In the place, nine discussion boards were set up, in which national and regional authorities will carry out an analysis of the current situation in terms of transport, electricity, water, telephony service, urban cleaning, housing and production, in order to agree joint plans.

In her speech, Rodríguez said that the need to coordinate actions with regional governments starts from the use of “public services as an instrument to destabilize the tranquility of our population”.

“It is very important for the Venezuelan State to consolidate a notion of public service away from the concept of economic activity. To assume transportation as a public service issue, in which the State guarantees the provision of the service, the quality of the service, in a policy that is also coordinated with the population”, he said.

He exhorted all those present to preserve and care for the public service, which has to be at the service of social development.

The Vice President of the Republic invited the communities to join this initiative to address the different issues and thus move forward in “the construction of solutions that come from the hand of the Venezuelan people”, as a result of the articulation of people’s power with the three levels of government (national, regional and municipal).