Know the announcements in economic matters decreed by the Bolivarian Government

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, decreed an increase of the minimum monthly wage of the workers of the country to 3 million bolivars and an increase in the Socialist basket ticket to 2,196,000 VEF, resulting in an increase of 103%, being the minimum integral income in 5,196,000 VEF, as part of the system of protection to the people against the ravages of the economic war.

The Head of State announced the total increase to pensioners of the country to 4,200,000 bolivars: “For the pensioners we have decreed an increase to 3 million VEF and we increased the economic warfare bonus to 1,200,000. Protection for our grandparents and grandmothers!” He said.

The national chief executive reported the increase of the new tables for the José Gregorio Hernández Bonus at 3 million bs monthly, while the humanized delivery and breastfeeding bonus will reach 4,500,000 VEF in support of women in labor.

Maduro also took the opportunity to increase the tables of economic support for the Great Mission Households of the Homeland by adjusting the tables that will be set at 1,500,000 bs for a family of 2 members, up to 7,740,000 VEF according to the members of the nuclear family.

He also increased the bonus of the Great Mission “Chamba Juvenil” (Youth Job) from 1,000,000 VEF. to 3,000,000 VEF, in order to continue overcoming the economic war against the country.