Arreaza: We have broken the blockade against Venezuela through new alliances

«We have broken the blockade against Venezuela with an intelligence and a strategic vision through these new actors who are never going to let impose the unilateral, unipolar vision of the United States».

This was stated on Sunday by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, during his participation in the «José Vicente Hoy» (José Vicente Today) program, broadcast by Televen, in which he highlighted the new alliances of Venezuela with China, Russia, India, Turkey, the South-South cooperation and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA).

In his speech, the senior official also highlighted the country’s alliance with the 120 nations that make up the Non-Aligned Countries Movement (NAM), whose pro-tempore presidency is presided over by Venezuela.

«We will only be truly independent in the South, not only in Latin America, in Africa, in Asia, if we really cooperate with each other, if we really generate among ourselves mechanisms in the economic, in the political, in the multilateral and we manage to face, but in a respectful way, to the north that has always tried to subjugate the south», he said.

Regarding the departure of Venezuela from the Organization of American States (OAS), a decision made last year by President Maduro, he said it was a necessary step in defense of national sovereignty.

Between Venezuela and the United States there must be respect:

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister also stressed that peace in the region depends on the United States (USA) and Venezuela being understood and respected, and he referred to the importance of creating spaces to strengthen relations between both countries.

«We must launch bridges, we must always try to reach our truth, respecting the people of the United States, even respecting their Government. We have to find a way to coordinate in order to move forward, work together in some areas with the necessary pragmatism. Never easing on the play to imperialism nor giving up on our principles, but it is part of peace».

He pointed out that there are authorized spokespersons interested in strengthening relations with Venezuela, as is the case of the president of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate, Bob Corker, with whom Arreaza met on June 6.

He also stressed that congressmen from the Democratic Party have shown interest in improving relations with Venezuela, an issue on which President Maduro has reiterated all the disposition of his Government.