To the question: «Do you agree or disagree with the continuation of the dialogue between the National Government and the opposition after the presidential elections, whoever wins?» 79% of those consulted in the most recent opinion poll of the Hinterlaces polling firm, were in favor of both sectors initiating a new round of talks, while a 19% rejected the initiative by President Nicolás Maduro.

In the study, developed between April 25 and May 11 through 1,580 direct interviews in homes in the country, 71% considered it important to go to a new national dialogue between the government and the opposition, while 9%, 4% and 14% of respondents rated it as somewhat, little and not important, respectively.

It was also known that 83% of the people consulted in this study considered a dialogue between the Government and the business community a priority, in order to establish agreements to solve the current economic problems and 15% thought that a dialogue should be held with the opposition.

On whether or not is «agreed with the international mediation to promote dialogue between the national Government and the opposition after the presidential elections», 75% agreed and 21% disagreed.

In the study, presented by journalist José Vicente Rangel during the «José Vicente Hoy» (José Vicente Today) program, the population was consulted about the mediation of Pope Francis and his representation in Venezuela in the dialogue process, and 81% of those consulted were in favor, while 17% said they disagree.