Candidate Nicolás Maduro assures Homeland Plan is a fundamental tool for the development of the country

The Candidate by the Ample Front of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro, assured on Monday that the Homeland Plan 2019-2025 has 5 fundamental objectives for the development of the Nation.

Maduro explained to the people what these five objectives are: «the first of them is to consolidate public education, free and of quality; we must reach 100% in primary and secondary education, our backbone is the consolidation of education «.

«The second objective is to consolidate and expand a free and quality health system, the third is to ensure the delivery of 5 million homes for our people, while the fourth is to consolidate all missions through the «Carnet de la Patria» (Homeland Card) system, with that tool we must guarantee all the protection of all our people».

Finally he said that the fifth objective is to build a healthy economy, to consolidate the CLAP (Local Production and Supply Committees) and end the corruption of high prices, as well as to increase the production of raw materials. The information was provided during the initial act of his election campaign which was held in Bolivar state.