Homeland Block urges MUD to abide Supreme Court ruling that gives them reason

The self-called Democratic Unity Board (MUD), can not now disown the ruling of the Supreme Justice Court (TSJ), a resource that they brought themselves to the country’s highest court.
Thus sentenced the head of the Homeland Parliamentary Bloc, Deputy Hector Rodriguez, at the admission of the application for the injunction against the Partial Amendment of the Internal Regulations and Debates rules of the Parliament.
“Mr. Henry Ramos Allup and the MUD member parties (must) be consistent with their arguments and abide by the Supreme Court ruling that gives them reason”, urged on Sunday at a press conference the deputy to the National Assembly by the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP).
He recalled that the appeal was filed in 2011 by then deputies, at the time, Juan Carlos Caldera, Eduardo Sigala, Maria Corina Machado, Alfonso Marquina, Miguel Pizarro and Edgar Zambrano.
“It is also important to note that they were accompanied by the lawyers Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, Jesús María Casal and Manuel Rojas Perez, who from the filing date in 2011 until January 2016, have insisted before the Supreme Court on a ruling” he added.
In that regard, he reiterated that now the opposition “In a manner inconsistent with what has been their argument, can not say that they disown this resource introduced by themselves, by their most prominent leader and lawyers.”
He said the Parliamentary Homeland Bloc assumes, as it has always been, all judgments of the Supreme Court, “We will assume and fully abide by this judgment (…) and we call on the opposition parliamentarians to understand the political moment we are living”, he said.
The parliamentarian explained that according to what was agreed by the TSJ, sessions to the parliament must be convened at least with 48 hours in advance, the agenda can not be changed once loaded in the automated system, and the study of budgetary and economic impact and incidency should be agreed along with the Executive Power.
Finally, he noted that “the MUD has not consulted with the people their legislation proposals, nor have presented studies of the economic impact of their proposals, showing how irresponsible they are,” he said.