Homeland Plan has been debated by more than 2 million people

The vice president for planning, Ricardo Menéndez reported that more than 2 million people have discussed the 2019-2025 Homeland Plan, so it is fulfilling what was instructed by the National President Nicolás Maduro about bringing the discussion to the various sectors.

“It is the same Homeland Plan, these are the same historical objectives (…) is a vision that is not a Government program, is to transform society. It is a roadmap for the transformation of society (…) 2 and a half million people u` to date debating the Homeland Plan, how to deepen the Homeland Plan is the living letter of Commander Hugo Chavez”, he said.

During an interview on the “La voz de Chávez” (The Voice of Chávez) program, broadcast by VTV Menéndez stressed that the emphasis of the HOMELAND Plan is for the defense of sovereignty, in order to prevent Venezuela from being a colony of imperialism.

“The accent, the fundamental contradiction of these early years has been precisely the issue of sovereignty. Now the accent is going to be linked in the economic focus, to unleash all the variables of the economic. It does not mean that an objective ceases, it means that the accent, the contradiction becomes a theme and all the other issues become subsumed in the fundamental axis of development of our country”, he said.

He said that conscience has become the main tool of defense of the people, sown thanks to the intelligence of the Eternal Commander of the Revolution.