Judicial Power works together with all the Powers of the State so the weight of the law falls on criminals who attempted against sovereignty and peace

The Judicial Power of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, works together with the other Public Powers of the Venezuelan State, so that the full weight of the law falls against the criminals who desecrated the sacred soil of the country, and attempted against the life of the noble and peaceful people of our country.

The information emerges from a statement issued by the Supreme Court of Justice, this Thursday, March 25, 2021, through which it also supports the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, for the actions undertaken in Apure state aimed at fighting Colombian irregular groups that violated our sovereignty, committed crimes of international transgression and against humanity.

The statement also reads that the incursion of criminal groups, under the protection and inaction of the Colombian Government, represents a flagrant action of international law, which governs relations between States and an attack against peace and stability in the region.