Rangel denounced there is a media campaign to sow pessimism in the population

This Sunday, journalist José Vicente Rangel questioned the media campaigns which, in his opinion, have been driven by internal and external factors adverse to the Bolivarian Revolution, with the intention of positioning fatalism and insisting on sowing pessimism and restlessness in the people before the current situation that the country is passing through.

“The problems of Venezuela are manageable due to the extraordinary resources available in the country, in this precision agree most political and economic analysts” that are often ignored by media groups controlled by factors “that aim to enervate the capacity of response of the progressive movements”, said the journalist at the beginning of his program “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today).

He said he considers it is important to unmask pessimism and boost optimism “which is nothing more than work, effort and will to overcome”, he said.

Finally he added “I join the legion of the optimists, among the millions of Venezuelan men and women who, amidst the crisis, do not faint, who do not throw themselves into the arms of the pessimism used as a political resource to undermine the meaning of the Homeland and sow mistrust about the possibility of going ahead and overcome the vicissitudes of the present”, he said.