Chancellor: Media Corporations advance international operation against Venezuela

“There is an international operation against Venezuela that seeks for its intervention and aims to sell Venezuela as a State completely in crisis”, which is operated by corporate communication, financial factors and imperial power centers political, as denounced the Chancellor of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez.
She noted that unlike other countries in the world which are being hit by extreme violence, civil wars and terrorism, Venezuela is developing a national project that is uncomfortable for a certain political sector.
When interviewed in the “Jose Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today) program, broadcast by the private TV station Televen, she said many of the international guests and international observers who were in the country last December 6, 2015, in order to attend and witness the parliamentary elections, said that the country they saw was not the same that reflects the private media.
The media operation against Venezuela sells an image of a country that does not tally with reality, affirmed the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
An opposition that is an enemy of the country:
Rodriguez recalled that the opposition leaders have historically responded to imperial interests, so every time they see frustrated their claims to overthrow the revolutionary project, escalates the international plan against Venezuela.
“Our enemy are precisely these local operators who, in line with the international interests of imperial centers, intend to govern this country, they intend to resume, as has stated the President (Rafael) Correa, the conversationalist restoration in our region and return to the dark decade of neoliberalism”.