Venezuela prepare to meet commitments with holders of PDVSA bonds

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said on Wednesday that his Government is prepared to meet the payment of the commitments scheduled between October 12 and 17 of the Venezuelan Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. November, for an amount of 3.5 billion dollars.

“Venezuela has always been able to cover and will remain capable, the only one that could prevent, create some kind of disturbance or disturbance is the United States Government. The ball is on the US administration’s court, which is the only one that has created the disturbance between a country that fulfills its obligations and that has the best relations with the holders and economic and financial actors of the debt and the international commitments.

During the forum “Energy Week Russia 2017”, as part of its participation in the 6th World Energy Summit, he denounced that the country has been besieged in the international financial market for years. Here “the only victim is Venezuela.”

The president assured that he has alternative plans to face the threats by Donald Trump, in the case they materialize, assuring that in this international event there are several companies interested in buying Venezuelan oil and its derivatives.

“Oil has a market, and if there were to take an impulsive, abrupt or erratic decision to prevent the sale of Venezuelan oil in the United States, the main disadvantaged would be the American consumer, the American companies that have been our partners for 50 years”, he nodded.

In this regard, he commented that several US associations and companies are talking at different levels to prevent this type of measures, which unfortunately will be reversed against the US investors themselves.

Maduro reiterated that the administration of the United States is impeding the natural relations between the Venezuelan Government, the holders of the debt and the international financial agent.